Tuesday 15 March 2011

Sweet Dreams

 Sshh, you'll wake the baby!

Three sweet prints from Montreal-based illustrator Manon Gauthier's etsy shop
Perfect for a nursery.

Thank you for following K&C Manon

My images of the day.


  1. those illustrations are so sweet, I think the last one is my favourite it's so cute

  2. I love these illustrations!

  3. They are so beautiful! Love that bear :) Kx

  4. Dear Deborah,
    what a nice surprise to see my little bears and rabbits being your images of the day! :-) This is a great honor to be on your wonderful blog i love so much. Thank you Deborah for your kind comments about my work and thank you to each one kind comments also.
    Nice to meet you, warm regards, manon x


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