Thursday 17 March 2011

Vive la Liberty!

Liberty Prints, Oh so British,
Long associated with Laura Ingals & the likes
Were embraced enthusiastically by the French last year
And this one too
Whether just a touch or from head-to-toe
These pretty florals usher in the spring

Two fine fashionable French addresses for you and your little ones.

Vive la Liberty !


  1. I love the little dress, Liberty prints look particularly sweet on children I think.

  2. Liberty print headbands........ the perfect addition to any outfit.
    Thanks for sharing this link.

  3. Super duper love love these! I was late to the liberty love and only fell in love with them last year. These are gorgeous!

  4. Just love these. That first shot is so sweet...the outfits, the hair!

  5. I so love nostagilic and timeless.

  6. I adore Liberty prints and am taking every opportunity to dress my daughter in them before she decides it's too uncool!

  7. Nice to see there's still a Liberty print fan club out there!


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