Friday 4 March 2011

Cut 'N' Stitch



I'd like to introduce you to two new friends from down under. Rosie and Robbie are the latest addition to  innovative Sydney-based company TMOD's interactive gift and stationery range (some wonderful scratchie cards) The Rosie and Robbie totes are illustrated with sweet pictures of a boy and girl alongside a full set of clothing and can either be used as such or transformed  into dolls and dressed by simply cutting along the lines and stitching on your favourite garments (needle and thread provided). Rosie also comes in tea towel form and would make an original gift for children, craft lovers and those drawn to the charm of the yesteryear.

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Seen here and here


  1. Lovely bags! I like old paper-dolls! Here is my old ones, made by big sister in the 60's:

  2. Coup de coeur pour ce sac !
    Belle journée et en passant encore un merci pour toutes ces découvertes quotidiennes !

  3. oh i love them both!

  4. Lovely idea. So nice to find someone thinking of a different angle, I have so many cloth bags now it would be great to be able to find something else to do with my spares.

  5. OOh Yay! I love these too. I had a close up look at the Life in Style show last month in Sydney. Those girls are damn good! I am a big fan of the tea towels.

  6. I have this bag. It was a Christmas present. It's a perfect size bag for lots of things but I had to reinforce the handles. One snapped first use and on closer inspection all were going to go. Easy peasy to do if you have, or know someone with a sewing machine.
    You can see my bag, all fixed, here:


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