Friday 18 March 2011

A Day of Silence For Japan


Today, Friday 18th of March, I am joining many other bloggers around the world in a day of silence to show respect for the victims of the ongoing disasters in Japan.

Please donate generously:


  1. hi deborah. i'm asking you to add your voice to those who are calling for an airlift/drop of food into northeast japan. by a non-japanese entity, if necessary. within 24 hours.

    it seems that the japanese government are overwhelmed and it is just heartbreaking to think that people are now starving there after all that they have been through. it has been six days since some of them have had a proper meal and those who are being fed are sharing riceballs!

    thanks if you can. it's terrible to stand by and to feel we can do nothing to help.

  2. It's devastating, and the cruelest combination of desasters. After the first days of paralyzed shock, anger and helplessnes, I now feel that we can all make a tiny difference. Love to read this post Deborah.

  3. Belle initiative...
    Je viens d'ailleurs de réaliser deux illustrations en hommage à tous les
    Japonais, tant je suis, comme chacun de nous, bouleversée par ce chaos...

  4. I've added this to the end of my post today, our love and support goes out to all those affected by this terrible disaster x


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