Friday 25 March 2011

Through The Keyhole

Robot - Habitat / Playmobil - collection miniscule - Carole Daprey
Millie & Dottie Card
Cards by Tue-Tue
Emmaus Find
Country Living Fair Find
Dom's Old Tonka Toys
My Pelham Puppet
Emmaus Find
Doll face Cushion, Made by Jenni / Red Velvet Cushion - Leililaloo
Girl Poster - available from KICKCAN & CONKERS SOON!

Good Morning!
Another lovely sunny day here.
I thought I'd start off the day with a blast of colour and a few vintage smiles from Savannah and Miles' bedroom.
Nothing cost the earth, just bits and bobs we picked up along the way
Happy Friday!


  1. That girl poster is adorably charming!

  2. Merci Deb !
    Et ce poster est très beau. C'est un exemplaire unique ?


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