Saturday 12 March 2011

Hard Times

Life can be tough
It's been a sad day
So much devastation
Another tragedy

I hope this collage by Camilla Engman makes you smile
Have a good weekend

Nao and Artemis, my thoughts are with you.


  1. I love the collage. Camilla is just so clever isn't she? I hope you have a good weekend too. It's hard not to be sad though isn't it? Stephie x

  2. the collage is superb.
    thank you. It's just so awful about Japan isn't it.xo

  3. Been watching the news this morning and praying that it doesn't lead to a man made disaster too. Also thinking how lucky some of us are never having to face such horror x

  4. you`re so right :( it is really heavy...

    but i also have to tell you something good: i have a blogroll now - and you`re in.

    try to enjoy your weekend.

  5. Oh, the collage works so well with the subject! Balancing on waves or earth saving the houses. I didn't see that before.

    It is so frustating to look at tv seeing the disaster and not beeing able to do anything.


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