Monday 11 January 2010

Les Toiles Blanches

I love vintage linen
Crisp, clean, hand-embroidered sheets
Monograms, a labour of love
Pretty red and white checked tea towels
Bolsters, pinnies and lace
Cotton and hemp with a memory
passed down
from mother to daughter
le trousseau

If you're like me, you'll love "Les Toiles Blanches".
Linen is a tradition in Marie-Pierre Guiard's family. Her children's clothes, toys, bedding and accessories are crafted from the finest antique French linens ( sometimes over 100 years' old), with perfect patina, vintage fabric remnants, buttons and eco-dyes.

A linen lover's dream
stylish gifts with a soul
for babies, little ones and mum

Found via the oh-so-wonderful Petits Bonheurs


  1. Je garde précieusement de petites pièces de lin blanc brodées aux initiales de la famille.
    Toute une tradition.

  2. these are wonderfully simple! nice post!

  3. I once bought a sewing machine for £1 from an auction because of the linen and cotton reals in the case, wonderful.

  4. Gosh, can't remember if I emailed you last week but you got me inspired!

    Thank you!

  5. beautiful, simple, lovely!

  6. awww that bunny rabbit is sooo lovely! :)

  7. Would these be the cutest ghosts ever? I love old linen. It has such a beautiful look and feel.

  8. un joli melange du passe et du toujours..intemporel donc! Merci pour le lien
    Emma from SF

  9. l'histoire de la marque rend le tout encore plus charmant, je trouve!
    thank you, oh so wonderful too C&K :-)

  10. comment ai-je pu passer à côté de ce post ?! débutante du blog, je l'ai découvert en faisant une recherche sur google. bien que tardifs, mille merci Déborah pour ce billet adorable.

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