Thursday 7 January 2010

Once Upon

Jack and the BeanStalk by Jordan Clarke

Goldilocks and the Three Bears
A Walk in the Forest by Amy Borrell

The Frog Prince
Tea for Two by Chrissy Lau

The Steadfast Tin Soldier by Karim Reezk

A small selection of artwork from Australian craft website LeeLoo's Once Upon exhibition held in Sydney in November last year. The exhibition featured the work of more than 30 emerging and established Australian artists, who were each allocated a fairytale to use as inspiration for four pieces.
Go take a peek at their site, I discovered some new names and really interesting work. A few pieces are still for sale.

Found via all the mountains


  1. Deborah,

    Love this work! The old fairy tale themes are so fresh and whimsical in the eyes of these Aussies.


    P.S. When are you opening your etsy shop? I am planning to open one as well. But am still in the planning process...

  2. This so whimsical and playful....just how I like it...great artistry!

  3. Oh I just adore that 3 bears one! Thanks as always. I can't believe this was one in Sydney last year, in my very own country!!!

  4. I can't believe I still forget to photograph everything for my blog! Today Libellule and I planted 'jack and the beanstalk' seeds that shall climb and climb. A gorgeous concept of which the tin I shall photo and send you tomorrow! Great to discover some Aussie artists!!

  5. Goldilocks and the Three Bears by Amy draws my attention!

  6. I really enjoy your findings. I love images like these. My favorite is Goldilocks and the three bears.


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