Tuesday 5 January 2010


Dusty rose pink 19th Century paperback books

Appley Hoare Antiques is one of my favourite places on the web. I love virtually everything in this shop, it's where I go to dream and seek inspiration, although it's way out of my league financially. Appley and Zoe sell some wonderful small items and accessories, and I often pop in to see if there's anything of interest. Look what I found yesterday - three beautiful framed prints from an old Paris art supplies catalogue circa 1900... if only...

I love collections, as you know. If you're interested, artist/illustrator Lisa Congdon has started an excellent 365 project over here. She will be presenting a photo, a drawing or a painting of a real or an imaginary collection every day this year, starting with these vintage rubbers

I'll definitely be following, what about you?


  1. wow, I adore your blog.. you have an unquestionable taste to choose the goods and pictures.. it is an inspiration source and a pleasure to pass for here.
    Big Hugz!

  2. Cool concept! Lovely collections

  3. Sigh... Again... But I love to collect - as long as I can sell on ;-) Too much clutter otherwise! LOVE looking at other people's though!

  4. The rosy books pic is incredible! I off to go look. Thanks


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