Friday 29 January 2010

Pattern and Print for Kids

Merrilee's geometric art puzzle is fantastic! If you're looking for a stimulating craft project for your kids, hop over to Mer Mag and find out how she made this smart puzzle for her son. It's easy-peasy - a sheet of hardboard cut into five inch squares, a ruler, a sponge and some acrylic paint et voilà! Hours of fun and creativity for kids and adults alike!

Talking of pattern, lovers of fairtrade company Bholu will be pleased to know that designer Jodie Fried has collaborated with one of Australia's leading brands, Porter's Paints, to create a vibrant new range of wallpaper, as part of their "Designers for Porter's Paints series".

The Bholu Collection is inspired by the drawings of children in underprivileged communities in India. Their children's range of wallpaper, the "Menagerie Collection" will include the familiar ‘Mavis the Monkey’, ‘Frederick the Elephant’ and ‘Marjorie the Duck’, originating from drawings by 3-7 years olds living in slum communities, and will be available in both beautiful neutral linen tones and the classic vibrant Bholu colours of orange, red, and olive.

Take a look at Bholu's Facebook page to see more images of their wallpaper collection and check out Porter's Paints stockists here (wallpaper available from February 17th, 2010).

Big thanks to Bondville and Cudmiodiodiovzeski for the links!


  1. Love those monkeys! Great work, thank you once more;) Have a good weekend!

  2. J'adore ce travail de formes géométriques, fantastique, ça me fait penser au travail de la table de Pythagore de Montessori, aves des petits papiers de couleurs...

  3. Today I found the puzzle too! It's a great idea!!
    I LOVE Mavis :D

  4. This puzzle looks brilliant! Merci bien!

  5. Oh I love it all. So many clever talented people out there :) K

  6. i love the mer mag puzzle! amazing! i really want to make those too! i will add it to my list of NEED TO MAKE!


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