Tuesday 5 January 2010


Que du bonheur!

Heather Shaw has got it right!

I came across Pi'lo a while ago and I'm really impressed by this Toronto-based company's selection of products for kids and adults alike.

I'm not sure whether you'll be able to read this quote, but it pretty well sums up Heather's philosophy, and I love it!

Beautiful, stylish accessories for the home
Whites and creams, linen, cotton and hemp

Poetry for babies and children every day

Heather has an etsy shop and an inspiring blog, I'm sure you'll appreciate both!


  1. c'est magnifique... c'est simple, intelligent, esthétique... j'aime!!

  2. Dear Deborah Have been doing a bit of catching up with you're posts and boy have I had some amazing things to read about. Sorry I haven't been in touch for a while, as always you're Blog contains so much to inspire. Merry Winter to you.

  3. Right up my alley too (like everything you do!!) Off to do dinner but more later ;-) PS Congrats on Bloesem Kids!!

  4. thank you! i´m going now!

  5. Great product shots, very well done!

  6. Everything looks beautifully simple, soft, and love filled.

  7. hello deborah, nice find again! really beautiful thing she's making, i checked out her etsy shop already. etsy is like a big jungle with lots of... well.. let's say "not-so-good" things in it, but as well lots of jewels, so i'm always thankful for people like you finding a really good stuff there and telling it :)

    (and thank you for your comments at my place, of course, i'm glad to see you dropping by from time to time :)


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