Friday 15 January 2010

Lasso the Moon

"Upwardly Mobile" shadow box by Michele Chivers

I've got the feeling that everyone's a bit down in the dumps in the Northern hemisphere - Christmas is over, you're all spent up, it's cold and yes, the snow is turning to slush... So, I thought I'd kick off today with some nice fresh, uplifting finds from a wonderful online gift shop called "Lasso The Moon" (love the name!).
I can honestly say that it's been a while since I came across an address like this - I want to buy the entire shop! Founded by Laura Dunkley, Lasso The Moon offers an exciting collection of hand-picked gifts and accessories from some of the finest established and up-and-coming designers and makers in the United Kingdom. Lots of new names, ideas and inspiration - take a look for yourself

Caravan notebook, Yorkshire wool base with vintage fabric appliqué by Jane Lindsey

Lavender and Chamomile baby balm by Suzanne Orford

Hand-crafted tank tops in machine-washable merino wool by Tank Designs

100% mohair bunny filled with lavender by Nicky Fraser

Hand embroidered "Flowers" card by Sarah Dodd

Hand painted wooden lizard decoration by Anna Hull

Pack of 8 postcards by Becky Peabody (Flowers)

"Beautiful Day" tea towel by Mary Fellows

Tooth fairy envelope (girl) by Elizabeth Adams

Booty and Body gift set, Retro Rocket Angels, by Nicola Rumsey

I've already found some stylish Valentine's Day stationery

"Back Together" card by Becky Found

and a couple of Easter presents (have to be inventive with dairy-free diets...) - Miles and Savannah will love Anna Hull's "Mechanic" and "Tea Party" stencil kits, including 12 coloured pencils, in a jute drawstring bag!

And what better way of putting a spring in your step and a smile on your face than waking up to one of Cath Deeson's linocuts?

Hope you're feeling better!

Found via HomeShoppingSpy


  1. lots of goodies - I like the first one but if I made something like that it would probably look stupid !

  2. Thank you for this post :)...lots of nice things.
    I like the bunnies...looking forward to spring time!

  3. deborah ...isnt it amazing how many talented artists are out there...thanks for your always fun and beautifully done posts!

  4. Que c'est beau toutes ces petites choses!

  5. Phew, I've finally found a few minutes to start catching up on all the treasures you've found lately! Great shop - that's going straight in my favourites...

  6. Je ne parle pas anglais et ne comprends pas toujours la totalité des posts, mais je suis émerveillée par toutes ces découvertes, c'est un vrai cadeau vraiment, un immense plaisir des yeux. Bravo.

  7. What a lovely post! Those bunnies are adorable! Im off to get a closer look...thanks

  8. I so love the artistic. Oh and the bunny's, how cute are they!

  9. ces lapins sont plus que des peluches, ils ont une âme...ils ont ce je ne sais quoi qui en font des êtres à part.

  10. cela va être dur de ne pas craquer ...

  11. Yep - it's going into my favourites too!!

  12. Hello Deborah..
    A double helping of thanks to you for not only mentioning Milly & Dottie's Emporium.. but also to see my work on Lasso the Moon here.. is a real delight..
    Thank you !!!!
    Milly and I will be in touch with you soon.. and are looking forward to your exciting new venture..
    Love and wishes
    Michele x (Dottie)


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