Saturday 16 January 2010

Etsy Find

Another lovely find from Hanna Rivka's shop! This vintage Russian fairytale colouring book with drawings by K.Ershova is beautiful. It was published in 1980, is complete (32 pages), unmarked and in good condition. Yours for 9 USD!

Well, it looks like someone's snapped it up - yay for Hanna! Keep your eye on her shop though, she's always adding wonderful Russian finds.


  1. Been catching up, love the Lets Play prints, they really are fun.

  2. Yeeeeeah! I love Hanna Rivka's shop! It's so great to see such beautiful books offered - I just love the accessibility of the internet - makes me feel so much more a part of the world when I can talk to someone in Russia, and buy a book from them too! Hope you're well Deb. xo

  3. Deborah and Kristina! Thank you! I while the beginner in book business, but you inspire me!

  4. Oh such nice russian illustrations, i am weak for thoose.

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