Monday 4 January 2010

Laura Di Francesco

Happy Monday Morning!

Could we share it?
Portrait with duck

All around the polar bear

I'm pretty sure you going to love Laura's artwork. I mean, just look at these prints! Need I say more? I came across this Italian illustrator, painter, textile and stage designer whilst browsing the Kindergallery site last night (did you know they also have a blog showcasing art and design for kids?) . Just love it! Laura lives in Stockholm (sigh!) and lives, breathes art.
Her portfolio is wonderful, and I can but recommend that you sit down for 5 mins with a cuppa to discover her delightful illustrations, sketchbooks and toys. She also has a fab blog and etsy shop (pesce rosso). I think she deserves to be known, don't you?
I have to say that I've really fallen in love with her artbags...


  1. Oooo what a lovely visual start to first Monday back to work! gorgeous! Happy new year!

  2. I love the blushing bunnies on the artbag.

  3. Deborah,

    ...what can I say about my friend Laura,she is absolutely adorable!
    I´m really happy to see this post!!!

  4. Love the polar bear! She has a very beautiful work :)

  5. I love to pop over because I never know what you are going to surprise us with next!

    Very exciting!

  6. Love the potrait with the duck!
    HAPPY 2010 xo

  7. Ah reprendre, en douceur et avec douceur...

  8. ooh what a great find. will go and have a browse now. happy new year to you!

  9. LOVE would be an understatement!

    Happy New Year!

  10. great stuff, accessible to children and adults alike!

  11. Her work looks beautiful. I look forward to looking at more of it.


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