Friday 22 January 2010


I came across these beautiful illustrations by Polish artist/illustrator Agata Dudek the other day and decided to find out more.
Czy mozna dotknac teczy? ( Can I touch the rainbow?)
Przemek Wechterowicz/Agata Dudek, Endo, 2009

Both of these books were published by Endo, which, to my surprise, turns out to be an online treasure trove, full of unusual Polish finds for kids. Their site is obviously in Polish but with a bit of help from Google, you'll soon get the hang of things and start bookmarking beauties like this


Puppet set
Princess bedding

Bird memory game

Felt egg cosy

Child's apron

Kid's chef's hat and recipe book

and so much more - Do take a peek!


  1. Those are wonderful illustrations. No home is complete without an egg cozy. I especially love the twins with the frog.

  2. The bird memory game looks beautiful !

  3. Wonderful illustrations, I want to kiss the frog, and I love to see what a dinosaur has eaten. x

  4. I love them all. Especially the pillow and the egg cozy!

  5. One of the best from Poland. NIce:):):):)

  6. I love them too!
    Formidable :)
    I want to kiss the frog!!

  7. Oh so much neat art to look at and enjoy today...beautiful keep us inspired Deborah!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. So adorable. Make me want to move to Poland.

  9. I love all of this, but especially the first illustration. I'm going to have to check out the shop as my two-year-old will soon be a three-year-old and I'd love to get him something unusual that he, too, will love.

  10. Cool find Deb. I love that aesthetic when they use tonal shading of one colour - very retro but so due for revival, don't you think? :) K

  11. perfect to pratice my polish !!! love the bird memory cards ...


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