Monday 25 January 2010

Pablo and Pussycats

Two minutes' magic for you and your kids

and if you've never seen Siri Melchior's award-winning animation
The Dog Who Was a Cat Inside

Enjoythe work of the excellent Trunk Animation!


  1. My kids say thanks. They liked the fair one best!


  2. i am in love! my little henry and i just watched a bunch of siri's animations. darling, darling stuff!! thanks for sharing! xox...jenn

  3. both of these are so adorable. magic chalk would be fantastic. i think we all wanted some as a kid to really escape to our own worlds but i guess thats what pretending as a kid is all about!

    love the second one too, beautiful. we had a pet cat who was definitely a dog inside. he would walk with you like a dog will : )

  4. bellissimo video The Dog Who Was a Cat Inside, geniale, complimenti!!Rossella


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