Saturday 30 January 2010


Have you ever had a really good look inside KellyStreetVintage? This shop caught my eye a while ago when I was searching for some unusual vintage prints. There are plenty of those here. KellyStreetVintage specialises in vintage paper items, illustrations, prints and small items and supplies. My kinda store...
One thing that strikes me about shops like KellyStreetVintage is how easy it is to give a retro touch to a nursery, child's bedroom or play space without overspending. A couple of vintage advertisements like these would look beautiful framed, unique in fact, and won't cost the earth.

1920s Slipover play garment ad

You could be a little more inventive and frame some original vintage finds such as these sweet vintage coasters from the 1940-50s

or these unused 1930s fairytale party favour boxes

This set of 1930s painted wooden animal shape puzzle pieces is gorgeous

Why not use it to make a collage?

My point is that it doesnt take heaps of money or amazing home interior design skills to make a statement and create an appealing living/play space. A few vintage images

a few special decorative objects

1940s USA map/puzzle

and a little bit of imagination go a long long way!


  1. Tu nous gâtes trop !
    C'est magnifique de commencer la journée avec toutes ces trouvailles.
    Bon week-end.
    Quand viens-tu à Paris, on peut se retrouver autour d'un English Tea !

  2. There is something comforting about vintage art work...maybe because I can relate (I am becoming vintage in my age). I really like the simpicty of their fun, a puppy, running and swinging...and the boat. Life seamed uncomplicated and geniune back then.

  3. Oh I love all these, esp those wooden animals, the swap card game and that map. this is an utterly wonderful store, thank you Deb!

  4. I love this type of design. Will have to surf and take a look!

  5. I like the map of USA, I desire to have a good look at every piece of the map.

  6. So much nice eyecandy here. And thanks for the vintage books tip Deborah!


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