Wednesday 13 January 2010

Two Degrees

And now for something completely different! It's been looking very colourful around here lately so I thought I'd tone things down for a post or two. Yesterday I spent a bit of time diggin' and delvin' Down Under and found a couple of great addresses for you to explore. The first one, Two Degrees, is a Melbourne-based design studio with a passion for creating distinctively Australian hand crafted projects - just what I was looking for. Focusing on sustainable and locally sourced materials, the Two Degrees team has designed some beautiful stamps for children featuring local landscapes illustrated by local Australian designers to create scenes like this

Their High Plains Landscape Set, shown above, comprising 7 natural rubber stamps mounted on reclaimed Tasmanian celery top pine (safe for kids to chew) and beautifully presented in a handmade hessian bag, would make a very special, original gift for children or adults, and a refreshing change to the ubiquitous London-New York-Paris trio.
Two Degrees also sell a Cape Otway Coast stamp set for children. I found their store via Frankie.


  1. You have such brilliant things to look at on your blog; it's fantastic, and really lovely to come back to after my extended blogging break. Also thanks for your comments, by the way, especially about my dad. x

  2. My oh my! How divine are these?! And with my penchant for stamps at the mo these are just too cute x

  3. I know a Mummy who would like that too!

  4. j'aime bien ce design brut & nature... une belle découverte!


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