Tuesday 26 January 2010

Revelling in Russia

I am having a wonderful time browsing Russian sites folks!
Smitten, again...

Take a look at this beautiful papercraft work by avokada

All handstitched and handpainted - divine!

Avokada has a beautiful website, which you really must visit (some lovely illustrations there too!)
Send her an email if you're interested in any of her paper creations, and check out her Flickr photostream, for colourful inspiration like this

A gem!
Found via Igrushkina

Now, on to Portugal...


  1. so original and artistic...love hand stitching!

  2. Your Russian finds have been so wonderful.
    Simple, charming and engaging.

  3. these are adorable - I especially like the cat & little owl

  4. They are absolutely gorgeous!

  5. The simplicity here is fab!
    I am getting inspired on doing my own take on this with my kids as a craft for home schooling.
    Btw her site is so beautiful.

  6. vraiment gracieux..
    très chic de nous faire voyager à travers de poétiques créations, merci Deborah.

  7. What wonderful work. You are a great resource for international work. always a pleasure to check in.

  8. Toujours aussi interessant ici !!

  9. Thanks for sharing! Her site is magical.


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