Wednesday 27 January 2010

Mid-week picks #4 - Little houses

Needlepoint lace, cotton

Poem House by Kathryn Campbell Dodd

Dolls houses from the amazing Puppenhausmuseum site*

Mouse house and house clouds by La Casita

Five great artists / sites for you to explore and enjoy - Happy Wednesday!

*Found via Fine Little Day


  1. Aren't they all just fabulous?! But oh, that needlepoint house *sigh*... so in love. Kx

  2. Oh I really enjoyed the little houses. Funny, I made a little house this week. I made a little Cornish cottage inchie for my post (soon) one inch square. Bye for now, have a good week

    Carolyn ♥

  3. Très chouette post ! Tant de jolies petites maisons… J'adore les deux premières photos…

  4. That needlepoint house is just so beautiful, and I just adore the dollhouses at Puppenhausmuseum.

  5. Nous aussi nous avons une maison de poupée...
    Un jouet merveilleux.
    Merci pour le blog j'ai trouvé des idées autour du "Petit chaperon rouge".

  6. Dorie millerson fait vraiment des merveilles : merci pour cette promenade

  7. Toujours aussi intéressant, merci pour ces merveilles.

  8. My heart is breaking for the poem house... wow.


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