Saturday 2 January 2010

Montana Yarn

It's here
The New Year,
Shall we jump straight in?

The water's cool and inviting, can you hear it?

The grass is so green and sweet, can you smell it?

This is Montana

Home to Camilla

Mother of four happy, home schooled children

whose sense of colour and sensitivity to detail and light, leaves me in awe



My daily inspiration
A tower of strength with all its weaknesses
the rough with the smooth
the warp and the weft
the hundreds of simple little things that make life so big

Camilla's wonderful blog
Camilla's Flickr set
You will also find her here



My resolutions this year?
Just to be me, appreciate all that I have and try to live in the present.
How about you?



  1. Ah, I love it! Inspiring.
    As for the new year's resolution , I am right there with you!

  2. stunning images ... what a lovely find.

    we like your resolutions ... we aren't sure about ours yet (we'll let you know).

  3. What a fantastic way to start the year! This photos are so peaceful and relaxing:) I have no resolutions, but I feel it's going to be an year of action, I have a good feeling about 2010!

  4. Just to be me - is not always as simple as it sounds so I am sticking with that one too! Happy New Year Deb. That Camilla lives in such beautiful light that it almost brings tears to my eyes ;-)

  5. Happy 2010 !!
    Lovely pix..
    Resolution : enjoy life every day ;-))

  6. Holy cow!
    What an honor to be featured on your amazing blog.
    Merci beaucoup!

  7. camilla is lovely...very good choice.
    happy New Year and so nice to find your blog!

  8. Oh I just love her work too. Camilla is an inspiration, both in words and pictures. I check in with her daily. Glad to have found you via her.

    Once Upon A Parent

  9. beautiful indeed... thank you for sharing and best wishes for 2010!

  10. This is sooo wonderful. Camilla in a nutshell! I love seeing all these pics together! What a wonderful inspiration Camilla is!


  11. Un joli blog autour de moments simples.

  12. I too, love Camilla! She provides inspiration to me daily! Good choice to start the year.

  13. I agree, Camilla is wonderful and her blog is a daily visit to me. This is a great selection of her images and a description of her.

  14. So exciting to see Camilla's work and blog featured here. She is truly an inspiration and an amazingly talented woman!

  15. happy new year to you!
    I could not think of any better resolution :)
    Lots of love to you

  16. Merci pour cette jolie histoire que tu nous contes là et pour toutes les histoires de tous les jours, on en veut encore ! Très riche année à toi !

  17. That is just what I have planned too!

    Can't wait to check out this blog... beautiful!

  18. Oh golly gosh that is just so....

    ...ach, too many superlatives to choose from!

    Happy new year to you! I like your simple but very commendable resolution. I do try to live in the present...some days it is a nice place to be and somedays not. That's when I go visiting the future!

  19. so inspiring... my resolution is to (finally) school, and to get my business idea on the road!

  20. To see Montana and Camilla here makes me happy! You have featured a gem.. she is very inspiring indeed.

  21. Sarah is so right....Camilla is a gem, and what a beautiful post you put together about her!
    with love,

  22. i ♥ camilla... what a BEAUTIFUL tribute!

    xxo, kim...


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