Tuesday 19 January 2010

Anna Emilia Laitinen

She loves drawing houses, be they big or small,

She loves trees, both inside and out

and all that she sees becomes pattern

"The weather gives the color to my paintings. When I paint I think of all the faraway places the wind reaches and hope to hear from them.
I enjoy finding connections between nature and the ones living in it, collecting them as memories on a soft cotton paper".

There is a rare sense of calm in the work of this Finnish graphic designer / illustrator. A peacefullness begot from her oneness with nature and an awareness and sensitivity to "colours, wind speed and sounds under (her) feet". I do hope you'll enjoy her paintings, drawings and Weather Diary as much as I did.

© Anna Emilia Laitinien


  1. I have been here visiting!

    Hugs Camilla

  2. I like the illustrations of this Finnish lady as much as her beautiful name! Thank you for bringing it to my attention :)

  3. That "wolf tree" is amazing! Great find:)

  4. Lovely, beautiful weather diary too

  5. This really speaks to me..something so simple and beautiful about her art. Bookmarking her site for sure. Thank you.

  6. Encore de bien jolies illustrations...... J'aime beaucoup.....

  7. Such beautiful work! Thanks for pointing it out x

  8. Isn't she wonderful! So glad we share similar taste. I was looking at your older posts and delighted to find we also blogged another same artist: Carmilla Engman's 'Can we dance tea towel'.

  9. quel bonheur de parcourir son blog ... merci pour le précieux lien

  10. Magnifiques ces illustrations.


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