Friday 15 January 2010

Let's Play exhibition

Back with some colour!

What do you think? I love seeing these three images by Spanish illustrator and graphic designer Blanca Gomez (Cosas Minimas) lined up together. Blanca created these limited edition prints for the Art Group's Let's Play exhibition in London last December. The show, the first of its kind, was a huge success and featured the work of over 45 contemporary artists, illustrators, graphic designers and photographers published by the Art Group. If you're interested, original works and limited edition prints still available for sale can be found in their online shop, and watch out for a similar event in 2010.


  1. je n'avais pas entendu parler de cette expo, j'aime bien le vintage train.

  2. J'adore travailler Blanca, élégant, plein d'humour et merveilleux.

  3. They remind me of the gummed paper shapes I had as a little girl. Lick the paper and make people and houses and things! Great post. You took me back to my childhood ...

    Have a lovely weekend
    Carolyn ♥

  4. Blanca Gomez is one of my absolute favorites!

  5. I bought a vintage snakes and ladders this week - it never occurred to me to crochet one! Amazing!

  6. j'aime beaucoup son travail... fin, poétique et gai...
    son blog est très beau.


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