Wednesday 6 January 2010

Lizzy Stewart

Copyright Lizzy Stewart

Isn't this wonderful? Lizzy Stewart, one of my favourite artists, is busy working on her new show. Land & Sky, a joint exhibition with the equally talented Christopher Bettig, opens at the Here Gallery in Bristol on Jan 21st (runs till Feb. 27th). Definitely one for your diary...


  1. Je suis allée me promener sur son blog et j'ai trouvé sa démarche intéressante, j'aime particulièrement les portraits au crayon.

  2. Wish I could drop by Bristol then!
    Annamaria :)

  3. I love these drawings - especially the winter birds. Will have to investigate further as I think they would look quite nice hanging in my lounge room. Yet another lovely find!

  4. I love Lizzy Stewart! I even bought one of her prints on etsy called the Grizzly Bear. I wish I could visit Bristol and I wish I could've visited the show. Lucky you!


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