Friday 22 January 2010

Sans Parapluie

I'm back, with some colour!

I know they're not new and have made an appearance on many a blog around the world, but who cares, I haven't shown them on mine and I'm smitten!

Argentinian artist Lucas Rise makes the most wonderful armoires

He spent most of his childhood and teen years painting "street signs" (graffiti?) and after travelling around Europe, the US, South Africa and Brazil decided to create his own company "Sans Parapluie" designing beautiful hand-painted pieces of furniture. A wise choice!

Beautiful, colourful craftmanship guaranteed to make you smile!


  1. These are amazing! I'd love it if he'd give me that second to last one - I'm sure I coudn't afford it, but it would be well loved in my humble abode!

  2. Incroyable, c'est carrément.. bohème, chargé mais très beau.
    Tu ne fais que de belles trouvailles ;-))

  3. I like the armoires they must have taken a lot of planning. I like the mathematical look of the top one.

  4. Hurray missed you hope you had a great time.

  5. I haven't seen these before - really like them. A great way of introducing colour to a room.

  6. j'aime ce côté folklorique, coloré! et le nom est génial!


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