Thursday 14 January 2010

Visual dialogue

"Block n Block" a child's toy by Katsumi Komagata

Australian graphic design studio/online shop Foundry, founded by Jessie Fairweather, came on my radar the other day when I was doing some research on Katsumi Komagata and his company One Stroke. What a find! Not only have they introduced this brilliant Japanese designer's children's book art to Australia, they also love Charles and Ray Eames and Enzo Mari and carry an impressive collection of both their works!

"Little Tree" by Katsumi Komagata

"Little Eyes" series of books for children by Katsumi Komagata

"House of Cards" by Charles and Ray Eames

"The Green Conjurer" by Bruno Munari

But that's not all! Foundry boasts it's own line of award-winning paper products including "Tangent" and it's "Measure" range "providing the tools to poke, prod and measure just about everything around us".

Foundry's Measure range including Produce in Season, Everyday, Wine, Height, Lunar Phases and Yearly Calendar.

I really like the simple but clever design of their products, translated into several languages and adapted to both Northern and Southern hemispheres.

One to bookmark me thinks!


  1. oh my, i start to flip when seeing these, soooo nice!!!

  2. The 'little tree' is wonderful! Yanyan

  3. I do agreewith these comments. I love Komagata´s artwork. I have "The little tree" among others books...!

  4. Quelle sélection, que de belles choses ! C'est enthousiasmant… Merci.

  5. Block on block wonderful, I just bought myself Shapemaker may be next year I can get Block on block.

  6. A concentration of so much incredible design!

    p.s. Oosh, I get buried in work for a couple weeks and look at what all I missed.

  7. J'aime beaucoup la maison de cartes....
    Un grand merci pour toutes ces superbes découvertes au fil des jours....

  8. Amazing find! The Little Eye series for kids looks fun. xx

  9. Komagata is really good! I have to do my house of cards, maybe this weekend;)

  10. Beautiful finds, love the blocks!


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