Friday 9 October 2009

Birds, Bunnies and Bikes at Elphick's

I've just discovered the work of Russell Loughlan and I'm smitten! Loughlan exhibited recently at the interesting"Tales From a Park Bench" installation in Camden and seems to be acquiring quite a following in the UK. His work, a celebration of the arbitrary nature of living in a city, combines illustration, found, unwanted imagery, postcards and stamps and is housed in recycled frames from markets and charity shops.

The wonderful Columbia Road gallery/shop/studio Elphick's will be selling Loughlan's art shortly. If you've never had the chance to go there in person, they also have an online shop where you can purchase prints by owner Sharon Elphick and a fine selection of artists (Charley Harper, Lisa Jones, Helen Musselwhite, Karin Akesson, David Weidman...)

Bird in Bloom - Sharon Elphick

My First Alphabet - Marcus Walters

Eastway - James Brown (love it!)

Semaphore - James Brown (love it!)

Mid-Summer Spectacle - Sally Elford

Found via Alex at Papergrain.


  1. how nice! I wish I knew about this gallery when we were in London last August... it's an instant animalarium favorite!

  2. I love Elphick's too :) These are a beautiful selection. K

  3. Went to Elphicks for the first time a couple of months ago and wasn't disappointed, it's a great shop with some lovely prints from some of my favourite artists/printmakers. I love Sharon's bird in Bloom too, very retro looking!

  4. Sweet :)
    BTW, I just noticed he actually uses lyrics from Björk,too!


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