Friday 30 October 2009

Let it grow

I came across this set of 3 plantable cards over at Simple Blueprint the other day and think it's a brilliant idea. Retro Whale's cards are embedded with wildflowers and made from recycled paper. Their packaging is also 100% biodegradable. What a wonderful gift to send to a child, a friend or a loved one. Not only will they have the pleasure of receiving a card but also of watching best wishes grow into beautiful wildflowers.

When I started looking into eco-smart cards I realised that there are all kinds of wonderful products available. Grace Graphics sell a huge selection of seeded plantable greetings cards and gift tags, for example:

These cards reminded me of the work of a social enterprise in England called The Secret Seed Society. Sophie, one of my French friends, showed me the Secret Seed's first adventure pack a while ago. Launched in July this year, "No Hens in the Pen" includes a story book, organic cress seeds, a growing guide, a recipe and a Seed Agent card. Tons of fun for kids in any space, both inside and outside, all year round.

Secret Seed Society from Rosa van Wyk on Vimeo.

I think this is a wonderful initiative, teaching children how to grow their own produce, making them aware of their environment and raising their consciousness of ecological issues such as pollution and climate change. An intelligent stocking filler if ever I saw one!


  1. Wonderful green idea, and great artwork, too!

  2. Such a wonderful idea... solves that tricky problem too of how long do you keep cards? ;) K


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