Thursday 29 October 2009

Nigel Peake

Section through shed VII

I have long admired the work of Nigel Peake. As you know, I am drawn to collections of things and love colours, patterns and textures. Irish-born, illustrator/artist Peake is a former RIBA silver award commended architecture student from the University of Edinburgh, where he has also tutored and assisted in the design units. I discovered his work via the ever-excellent Analogue Books, and am intrigued by his choice of subject-matter. Nigel Peake's hand-drawn, highly-detailed ink and watercolour drawings explore the architecture of nature, its lines, boundaries, motifs and structures. They open my eyes to the beauty around me in every day life.

Ghost Houses
A set of drawings of Ghost Houses inspired by a trip to Philadelphia.

"Past the noise, glare and pop of South Street Philadelphia there is a church that is now a thrift store on every third Sunday. Where the congregation would have once knelt and prayed is now bundled trash; stacked and reinvented".

Maps book by Nigel Peake
Fields, paths, forests, blocks, places and surrounds

"Documenting small time adventures and excursions outwith a mile radius from where I call home. From train rides facing backwards, to crammed bus rides in tiny hill-top towns, to bike rides through the backyards of Europe. Records of the vast, unyielding concrete miles of Shanghai, to the paths between mountains and forests in late night French countryside to the old paint splattered wooden floor in London that I sleep on from time to time."

A Guide to Fifty Nine Fields Drawn by Nigel Peake

"A world renowned field expert, let Nigel open your unseeing eyes to the fields that surround you. Whether it's a field of leaves, bikes, beehives, or a conversation of birds, after familiarizing yourself with the Nigel's chart, a world of fields will reveal itself all around you".

Take a peek at his beautiful books on sheds , birds and patterns.

Nigel Peake's books are self-published or are published in collaboration with Analogue Books.


  1. I love his simplicity and yet purely detailed work. It draws me in! Thank you for sharing. xo

  2. Yes, thank you for sharing, I will defintly look into this artist futher. Really appreciate all that!

  3. Oh wow! These are really magnificent. I've seen his work before and loved it, but you've found so many more wonderful things... Thank you! K


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