Friday 16 October 2009

Winter soft

The temperature's dropped suddenly. Savannah and Miles are both at home sick. We've brought out the quilts, warm winter blankets and thick woolly jumpers. Time to snuggle, read stories and drink hot chocolate. I think these little Finnish felt Snowgirls by Puhti, available from Koti in Paris, would be perfect friends today.

Puhti found via Kaylovesvintage
Sari at Koti takes orders via email, small dolls 10 EUR, large dolls 12 EUR


  1. Oh, you poor things! Hope you're all feeling better soon. Those felt dolls look very gorgeous :) K

  2. Hope you all feel better. I bet that hot chocolate will work instantly.

    Those dolls are gorgeous. The detailing is very intricate.

  3. So cute... yes cosy blankets and hot chocolate do help. Also if you have any pets, they make for good cosy companions – my two cats are loving me being off sick as they get to sit on me all day!!

  4. hope everyone feels better soon. i like the sound of your plan. hugs!


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