Wednesday 14 October 2009

Stocking filler

Lucy May Schofield's work is very special indeed. Do you remember writing a letter to Father Christmas when you were a child? I always wrote mine with my best handwriting and conscientiously covered the envelope with pretty pictures and stickers. The fact that Royal Mail managed to deliver my wish-list to "Santa in Lapland" amazed me and I think that I've still got my letters and little presents from his helpers... or friendly postal workers.

So what's so special about this British artist and bookbinder's
Stocking filler? In her own words:

"Children’s handwritten envelopes salvaged from the Santa Claus Central post office in Lapland are intricately sewn together to create a book documenting the dreams of children worldwide. Each letter is methodically removed and the envelopes kept and bound. There are increasingly more emails being sent to Lapland than letters being posted. Open Edition, based on a 4th Century Coptic binding, with soft covers. Each book is entirely unique.

Such a beautiful, magical gift don't you think?

I invite you to explore Lucy's wonderful website, full of book treasures and links to her installations and exhibitions. You will also find a selection of her work at the excellent The ShopFloor Project (I love her white bunny kit in particular).


  1. How magical! Reminds me of J.R.R Tolkien's wonderful book of illustrated letters from Father Christmas.

  2. What amazing salvage, I would never have thought it possible. It's great that these special pieces of History are being so lovingly preserved. You never know the sad day may come when children don't know what a letter is.

  3. certainly magical. And what a beautiful website! thanks!


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