Friday 16 October 2009

Modern travel

I am planning a few trips to London before Christmas and one of the events that I'd like to attend is the MidCentury Modern fair in Dulwich (Nov. 15th 10-4). Has anyone been before I wonder?

Travel on Paper will be exhibiting in the foyer of the Christison Hall at Dulwich College. Karen offers an amazing selection of original Olympic and travel posters, mostly from the 50s and 60s, that are bound to appeal to MidCentury design lovers the world over. Take a look for yourself:

Artist - Otmar Alt

Artist - David Klein

Artist - David Klein
(framed - collection only)

Artist - Alain Davie

London Museums

Travel on Paper also has an impressive collection of highly-sought after Routemaster bus blinds with prices starting at a very reasonable £25 (unframed).

Karen's posters would make a perfect feature in a MidCentury home. Prices range from £100 - £500 and her posters can be shipped worldwide.


  1. the mm fair sounds good, I was thinking of it also,guess I would it

  2. So jealous! They are going to be fabulous. I have a couple of old Sydney bus rolls that have been stretched on canvases in my house - I love the reinvention of function into art and that the art is text :) Have fun! K


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