Monday 12 October 2009

White on White

Organic Rabbit Rattle - Dress me Up

Winter Rabbit - Lemmikkiapina

Resting Deer - Lemmikkiapina

White Donkey - Lemmikkiapina

Dream Guardians and Manas - Herzensart

Dream Guardians at Night - Herzensart

Ponsenby2 - Abigail Brown

Snow-Foxen - Abigail Brown

Dress me Up found via Uppercase


  1. Ooo, now these are very special :) Especially loving the Lemmikkiapina (and yes, I did have to scroll up a couple of times to get that spelling right!) Thanks for sharing these Deb :) K

  2. I love the treasures you introduce me to! And when I clicked on Abigail Brown's website, how cute is that wee fox and his friend running and hiding in the trees. The owl and the fox are my new favourite things!

  3. Lemmikkiapina : une sublime découverte ! MERCI

  4. ah nice to see the fox and owl by Abbie on here! :D
    So so sweet!
    Loving the work by Lemmikkiapina.

  5. White white - thanks for the tip!


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