Wednesday 21 October 2009

Mary's bears

Greta doll IX

I have some more beautiful bears to show you, this time from the incredibly talented Mary's Granddaughter, previously mentioned here.

Greta is not amused, hand embroidery

Happy Ending, embroidery painting

Greta, handmade brooches

Greta doll XI with balloons

Greta found via handmadecharlotte


  1. Love these Greta dolls - Mary's Granddaughter's shop is fantastic.

  2. fantastic! I love Greta is not amused embroidery, wonderful find.

  3. You do have a knack for finding the most exciting artists and bringing a whole new world of talent to my door..
    I love these characters.. mystical and dream like.. and very enchanting.

    Michele x

  4. I love the tiny little lines!!! Totally disheartened, though, at seeing another of my ideas already done by someone else, re the brooches! :( I guess it's true that there's no such thing as an original idea anymore... ho hum. Thanks for showing these. K


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