Thursday 15 October 2009

Uno, dos, très

Three adorable, one-of-a-kind handcrafted rag dolls by the ever-so talented Eva a.k.a. Misako Mimoko. This Barcelona-based artist's work was selected for the new 2010 calendar together with pieces by a couple of my favourite crafters Margie Oomen and Ann Wood.

The calendar is available through redbubble for Australians and the rest of the world. And through lulu for US residents.

Link to found via Poppytalk.


  1. i adore them ! I wonder if you could do one with pointe shoes ?

  2. Now there is a calendar I would actually buy, too cute!

  3. oh my goodness gosh these are sooooo cute. Love that clock head character.

  4. Isn't she amazing?! Love her blog and that little masked on on her calendar is my all-time favourite :) K

  5. Thank you for featuring my work!! This's very nice.
    your blog is full of lovely inspirations.
    (waiting to see your online shop open :)
    i fall for those vintage treasures!!)

    have a sweet and nice day :)


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