Monday 19 October 2009


"Au milieu de l'hiver, j'ai découvert en moi un invincible été"
Albert Camus

The cold is setting in here... I've found some photos of our summer holiday in Lourmarin, a beautiful village in the south of France, where Albert Camus was laid to rest. I thought they might bring back some Mediterranean sunshine. Enjoy!


  1. Albert Camus - one of my favourites! And a plank then will be dedicated to you Deb! Thanks for everything. Lourmarin is beautiful, Bubble's family has a place there too...

  2. mmmh, des images qui me font rêver!!!! surtout avec le froid qui règne ici!!

  3. Just beautiful. I'm a big fan of Camus as well. My French professor at University had written a million books on him so we got to know his work really well! ;) Thankfully, I loved it. Gorgeous photos, but it's so hot here now... I'd love a bit of northern hemisphere frost! :) K

  4. lourmarin... ah quel merveilleux village provençal ! je rêve d'y retourner et d'aller, comme toi, faire un tour chez Côté Bastide...

  5. you know the first image reminds me of my inlaws old farm here in Australia. They had lots of olive trees, and the light and colours are similar.


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