Saturday 24 October 2009

Meredith Gaston

Meet Mr Moose - Kindergallery

Evette with Bobby and Birdcage - Kindergallery

Meet Mrs Swann - Kindergallery

"My art is about happiness and celebrates magic in its every day sense".

One day I will buy a painting by Meredith Gaston, if I'm quick enough. This Berlin-based young Australian artist's work fills me with joy. I love her drawings, use of colour, space and ability to capture the beauty of everyday life. Her enchanting paintings appeal to young and old alike, often depicting unusual animals, landscapes and human relationships.
Her new body of work is born of her recent "swan fetish" and explores the similarities between humans and their animal friends.
Meredith's paintings can be purchased from the excellent children's art gallery KinderGallery and Art2Muse Online Gallery. She will be exhibiting at the Art2Muse Gallery, Double Bay, Sydney on 14 November.


  1. It is beautiful - isn't it funny to go to a blog in England to find out about a Berlin based artist from your own country - she probably went to school up the road from me! Aaah the global village...

  2. So wonderful. Such a fresh enchanting naivity... great find, Deb. :) K

  3. What a beautiful illustration! I love the birds and they reminds me of my birds I used to have.... ox

  4. Those painting are beautiful. I like that she has a bird in her each of her pieces. May be her signature?

  5. moi aussi j'aimerais bien avoir une de ses toiles, cela faisait longtemps que je n'avais pas jeté un coup d'oeil à ses nouvelles créations, merci ...

  6. C'est bien de redécouvrir des posts "anciens".... J'aime beaucoup cette illustratrice.....


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