Monday 26 October 2009

Marvin the Squid

Let me introduce you to Marvin "a leaf peeping, bird watching, lichen collecting little cephalopod". You'll find him and his cute little handmade friends over at Loopy Dolls.

Thanks to Cathy Cullis for the link.


  1. hola!!!!!! l was out for a little trip and now l am having a look of all this beautys you posted!!!!!!!!!!!!lots of fantastic places to discover so much talent and creativity and beauty!!!thanks for sharing all this things!!!un beso enorme!!!!!

  2. So cute and so fabulous! What a great find :) K

  3. je viens de trouver ton blog via vais y revenir avec grand plaisir, on se sent bien ici :)

  4. That is beyond cute, is there such a word??


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