Tuesday 20 October 2009

Isabelle Dubois

“It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child”
Pablo Picasso

Oh joy! Oh inspiration! Oh colour!
I feel like a child standing before Isabelle Dubois' paintings. I want to jump inside and run and play and swing from letter to letter... I want to dance. I want to hum, sing, shout, laugh out loud. I want to show them to my children, tell them their stories, let them hear their music - sparkle, fizz, whirr- invent a magical land, hide and dream!

Rennes-based artist Isabelle Dubois' work makes me happy. I discovered her paintings by chance and love every single line, dot, stroke, splash of colour. I love the language they speak, her use of signs, letters, words, the chalkboard. Sheer poetry!

Isabelle teaches art. She has a wealth of experience and has passed on her skills to children in schools, workshops and her own art classes. Behind their apparent simplicity, her paintings are rich and deep, transporting you back to childhood at a glance. I'd love my children to be able to work with her, be touched by her energy and inspiration. A rare gift that would be.

Browse through Isabelle's portfolio, it will transport you to Never-Never land. Her work is available through her blog.

Found via galerie de l'escalier.


  1. Thanks for highlighting these beautiful and evocative pictures Deborah.
    I have long been a fan of children's art and have done many art projects with them in school settings, they are spontaneous and enthusiastic and i love how their limited experience of the world can be seen in their paintings.
    Isabelle has captured some of those magical elements.

  2. ses workshops doivent être une belle expérience !!

  3. Love these! Such a lovely spontaneous drawing style.

  4. I love the bright colours on the black background - stacks of impact!

  5. Aren't they magnificent! Thanks for this. K

  6. Thanks for posting these charming paintings! I was googling in "images" for quilts by a quilter with the same last name as this artist, and stumbled on one of these images from your blog. Have never heard of her. What a delight to make this discovery!


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