Tuesday 13 October 2009

Redstone's Russian diary

If you enjoyed reading this, you might be interested in buying this Russian Diary for 2010.

Through the '20s and '30s, in the early Soviet Union, there flowered briefly a golden age of children's books. Great artists and writers, often prohibited from other work, created a benign and fabulous alternative world. It was a world made for children, where learning went hand-in-hand with enchantment. Redstone's Diary for 2010 gives us, every day, a glimpse of that magical domain.

Available from Redstone's online shop or from here. Found via the excellent Grain Edit.


  1. I love that era in Russian art - this looks so fabulous. Thanks for the tip, Deb. K

  2. These are gorgeous - think I'm going to get myself one. Was opting for another Moleskine but need a bit of colour for 2010 ;-) Thanks!

  3. How cute are the Russian Doll illustrations??

  4. I will get that one next week at Frank"s in Whistable

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