Friday 16 October 2009

Skyla's ABC

I love paying a visit to artist Lisa Stubb's blog Lilsonnysky. Lisa lives in Yorkshire, nor far from my home town so I always feel as if I'm dipping back into my childhood and catching up with local news, even if I've lived in France for 23 years...
Last night I came across this beautiful ABC book that Lisa made for her daughter Skyla's 6th birthday. It was supposed to be a surprise but Skyla caught her mum working on it one night and it ended up being a joint project. Just had to share some photos of this wonderful keepsake with you...


  1. Thank you for showing Sky's ABC book!
    I was told once, "yer can take the lass 'outta Yorkshire, but yer can't take the Yorkshire 'outta the lass"!!! So 23 years or not, your still a Yorkshire lass!!!

  2. Love the blog - and thanks for the link to Lisa's too.
    It's good to know that us Yorkshire folk are out there in Cyberspace.

  3. This is so gorgeous - I just love it! K


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