Sunday 4 October 2009

Flea market finds

I've been really lucky at flea markets lately. Here are some of my recent paper finds, a few of which will be going in the shop. Enjoy!

Full set of 10 vache qui rit circus-themed blotters

1960s French teaching aid

Two wonderful 1930s adverts for the Monte Carlo Beach hotel

Beautiful Caron perfume advert


  1. I really want the top four!!! When is your shop opening, btw? Just wondering. I'm not hassling you... I still haven't done anything on mine yet ;) K

  2. These are such ace finds! :~)

  3. Nice finds, I need the panier one, it's fantastic! Can't wait for the shop to open. You must have lots of willpower - I've been trying to start Art-O-Mart shop for about 9 months now, but always want to keep the stuff I find - not very productive at all!


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