Tuesday 27 October 2009

Books please

Chataigne, by Anton Chekhov and Nathalie Parrain

I'm asking Santa for books this year. I have a long list waiting for him already and I seem to be adding to it on an almost daily basis. I thought I'd share a few of the titles I'd love to find under the tree.

Dear, Sweet Home by Uchida Ayano
from Junku

Illusive, Contemporary illustration part 3
from Gestalten

Du Valjer, handmade notebook made from recycled European and African university envelopes, Swedish metro tickets and supermarket carrier bags.
by Bastiano

Jean Fil à Fil, Roger Mello
éditions Memo

Camilla Engman - The Suitcase series volume 1
Uppercase Gallery

Les Chaises by Louise-Marie Cumont
Les Trois Ourses
found via Vintage for Kids

Boro: Rags and Tatters from the Far North of Japan
You can also look inside and buy it through here
found via the Silly BooDilly

Grandfather's Envelopes by Fujii Sakuko
from Sri
Found via the Silly BooDilly

At Lytte Til Laeken "Listening to the Skylark", a collaboration between Danish textile artist Anette Blaesbjerg Orom and poet Eske K. Mathiesen.
from Ashes & Milk

And, last but not least, I'm so excited because I've just pre-ordered what promises to be an amazing, authoritative book about children's design between 1920 and 1970.

by Carole Daprey, éditions l'as de pique

more of which later when it comes out in November.


  1. Think the last message disappeared into blog oblivion... Love the hand made notebooks and the Grandfather Envelopes... A

  2. ce n'est pas bien mais je crois que je vais faire la copieuse ... tu peux dire à Santa qu'il peut les acheter en double !!!

  3. lovely lovely collection, my list is expanding even more now too!
    Thank you.

  4. What a beautiful collection - a lovely mix of the tactile & the visual. I love the hand made notebook (how special) and the gorgeous illustrations in Illusive. Thanks for a lovely wish-list!

  5. Great selection :) I have a bookmark folder on my Mac called 'Books I want' just in case anyone ever wants to surprise me. it hasn't happened yet, but I can hope!

  6. je viens de craquer pour le livre de Camilla Engman :)


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