Friday 9 October 2009

Stamp happy

Herzensart makes me smile. Sandra's new four-image Viking stamps are now online and if you follow her tutorial you'll be able to make some lovely paper bags then stamp, stamp, stamp to your heart's content! Enjoy!


  1. Aren't these just the bees knees! Who'd have thought a hairy Viking could be so utterly charming?

    What a raft of amazing bits and pieces you've found over the last couple of days...the staircase! i want it!

  2. totally cute, I just check out her fun blog too.
    Lovely stuff.
    Have a soopa doopa weekend.

  3. oh, they're splendid! i love 'em. and now, of course, want them.

  4. je les avais aperçu, ils me tentent bien ...


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