Wednesday 7 October 2009

Sunny Sarah

I've decided that I need something cheerful and inspiring today. We've just come back from the opticians in Montpellier and both Savannah and Miles need to wear glasses. I'm also getting my first pair for reading... sigh! Anyway, isn't this sunny, happy print by Sarah Neuburger wonderful? Child-like and colourful, just what I need to make me smile.

If you take a peek at Sarah's shop you'll see that she's stocked her shelves with those little houses I told you about and has been busy making a fun Labels and Sticker book, a Sticky Note set and a Thumbprint Notecard set, all for Chronicle Books.

If you'd like a chance to win a set of these, rush over to the Chronicle Books blog to enter their giveaway.

I'm starting to feel better already!

"Today is Awesome" print found via the wonderful Ninainvorm


  1. That's lovely, so forcefully stated that you just can't argue. I hope they find nice glasses that make them feel very stylish.

  2. These could brighten anyone's day, the thumb print notecard set is great. Going over there right now to try and win me one of those babies!

  3. I'm off to the Optician's tomorrow and I've a feeling the words 'reading glasses - you need' will be uttered! I love Sarah's 'Today is Awesome ' print and I think I may need to purchase for when day's need a little extra help. Glad it has all helped improve your mood x

  4. These are fabulous finds Deb. Now, spectacles... There are some wonderful kids ranges... the best French one is J F Rey. We sell them by the bucket load - so cute :) I'd advise you not to get Agnes Ruiz de la Prada as they tend to break easily and have a shocking repair policy. I can't think of the others just now, but anyway, J F Rey is the best :) K

  5. ces petites cartes sont adorables ... je suis sûr qu'elles t'ont fait revenir le sourire !!


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