Friday 9 October 2009

Paolo Ventura

Winter Stories (2007) is a remarkable body of work by internationally acclaimed Italian photographer Paolo Ventura depicting scenes from the memory bank of a fictional circus performer as he looks back on his life during his final moments. New York City-based Ventura is a master of narrative staged photography. Drawing upon his own childhood memories he imagines and creates beautiful, extremely detailed three-dimensional sets in miniature to bring his stories to life.

Ventura will be at the Aperture Foundation in New York on Tuesday October 13th to present his new book Winter Stories (Aperture October 2009, photography by Paolo Ventura and Essay by Eugenia Parry) showcasing the ink drawings and watercolors that he uses as a starting point for his stories, and images of the handmade album of Polaroids of works in progress that he creates as guides to his elaborate, theatrical sets.

You can watch an interview of Ventura in his studio explaining the origins of the project and his inspirations here.

Link found via Quinquabelle
Images copyright Paolo Ventura.


  1. I saw some years ago part of the work of this photographer in Arles but I didn't knew this serie who seems very interesting... thanks!

  2. These images are beautiful - thanks for sharing your knowledge of him.
    Em . . .

  3. beautiful inspiring images x

  4. These images are just exquisite. They have that soft quality of 'the remembered', don't they? Just gorgeous... thanks Deb :) K

  5. I love these, they are so evocative... thanks for sharing!


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