Sunday 4 October 2009

Like Mummy et Papa

Savannah made my day yesterday by reading this old school book of mine out aloud with a perfect English accent. You've no idea what it means to me. Now that she's mastered reading in French she's eager to learn to read and write in English. I love Ladybird books and learned to read with them myself (remember nature tables???)

She's also very crafty and loves drawing, painting and making collages. She's been looking for ideas in her dad's old exercise books. How can you not be inspired by these little gems? I must be getting old and nostalgia's setting in... somehow school books just don't look as good, no matter where you come from...


  1. Gosh I remember that book so well! Surely it wasn't the best part of 25 yrs ago I read those?!

  2. Lovely peaceful days when children were allowed to be themselves. I think exercise books were more creative then with individual thoughts and drawings and worth keeping hold of.

  3. How lovely these all are - they make modern schoolbooks look a bit brash. Lucky you to have that book!

  4. I discovered them by chance in a flea market in ... France. I have bought many of them ever since . The kindergarten serie is wonderful.
    While some teachers still let the kids do by themselves, the poetry copybook remains the last piece of "childrens art"

  5. Aren't they fabulous drawings! So amazing that she can manage an English accent separate to her French one! When we moved back to Australia my Bella had the perfect Brit accent but she was mimicked so much at kindergarten that she dropped it in 3 weeks!! Sad really.
    LOVE that Ladybird book :) K


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