Wednesday 14 October 2009

Sweetie Petites

Just look at these new Sweetie Petites doll kits by Sydney artist Lisa Tilse, so cute! Lisa's kits contain everything you need to make Mimi, Molly, Daisy or Ginger and her friend (printed fabric panels, stuffing, ribbon loops and sewing instructions) and even come with a little note for her owner. I can see these being very popular at Christmas time.

I've been meaning to write about Lisa's work for a while, but pictures speak louder than words... I'm sure you'll all agree that she's a very talented lady.

Vintage storybook tiles

Wood You Believe - vintage, handpainted and stamped collages

Timber greetings cards

Chalkboard egg made from real Ostrich egg shells

Bookmark Lisa's inspirational blog then rush over to her shop here.


  1. So beautiful, love your blog so much. I could easily spend all day here.

  2. Aren't they wonderful??! I love Lisa's work :) K

  3. oh I love this stuff!!! i will have to feature it on my blog! Please come by and see mine as well!

  4. You've been a busy wee girl again Deb! I love all your finds today, and you've introduced me to some lovely new daily reads. Thanks!

  5. I pop over to your Blog to wallow in artistic treasures. Thank you

  6. what a lovely post, those little dolls are gorgeous!


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