Friday 13 November 2009

Arctic Trail

It started over here
with these Arctic Finger Puppets

then I saw this Baby Sperm Whale

and Fur-bellied Warbler, both complete with sound box

They led me to discover this pillow-doll

this antique Eskimo doll

this wooden Inuit family

these magnets made from vintage books

and these beautiful cards

I now know that Mr Kay makes beautiful paper snowflakes

Anne prompted me to take a closer look at these Christmas Creatures

and at the same time, thanks to Maia, led me to this little set

Dee introduced me to these arctic beauties

and then Amy pointed me in the direction of this wonderful work

I've had a wonderful time visiting all these special places.
Only the tip of the iceberg though (ha!ha!)
Thank you.


  1. quel billet enchanteur! le grand nord comme fil conducteur, belle trouvaille!

  2. I get lost for hours and hours being led from one interesting link to another. your blog is an excellent starting point for fun blog surfing journeys. I am such a fan of your website! Thank You!!

  3. Beautiful collection. Very nice to view and read about the icy north...don't see much of that.
    Your compostions are lovely Deborha...your blog is a dangerous place...I want to spend all my money!

  4. If you don't hear from me within the next week send out a search party! I am lost on the internet with my credit card... Your finds are truly a discovery and I can't believe the hours you must pass picking them all out. Clever girl!

  5. thanks, I"m sure Mister Kay will love it

    lot"s of wonderful goodies and great links

  6. Wow! That was a journey and a half! ;) Thanks for all the crafty goodness! K

  7. I love this wintery post, its all so delightful.
    Thank you

  8. very satisfying. I'm off to make hot chocolate.

  9. je n'avais pas pu résister aux hiboux de Mibo Studio et j'ai craqué aussi pour leurs Xmas creatures !!

  10. Last week i tried to order that book but it was already sold out...

  11. What a fun and gorgeous trail. I love getting lost in links. Love your blog too!


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