Wednesday 4 November 2009


Beautiful papier-mâché work by Sophie Mouton-Perrat and Frédéric Guibrunet, a.k.a. Papier à êtres. Found via Carnets d'une marraine

Crucifixion, beautiful land art by Thomas L
Found via Quinquabelle

Beautiful photography by Aleksey Myakishev
Found via Emma Cassi


  1. ooh those at the top are simply stunning

  2. The papier mache looks so beautiful and delicate. Lovely finds today Deb.

  3. That paper mache is divine (wouldn't mind living where they do either!) Love that final photo. I know a girl here who is the absolute double of that girl except here she's a redhead, but otherwise, they could be identical twins! So spooky! Don't they say we all have a double out there somewhere...? Great post Deb :) K

  4. My first reaction this morning on your blog was....OOOHHH.
    Gosh that is so delicate and LOVELY!
    I am so going to check out the papier-mache artist.
    and then....I saw the photographer, wow, so much inspiration Deborah.
    I love your blog.
    It like opening a new gift every morning.
    Off to check out these artists...weehoo.

  5. I love the paper mache lights are amazing, I feel a bucket of shreaded newspaper and wallpaper paste is coming on...oh dear!


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